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 Push has a 240sx?!!?!?

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D*S Dstar

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PostSubject: Re: Push has a 240sx?!!?!?   November 11th 2008, 6:15 pm

Your one of those third party, up-talker type of people arent you?
Shut the fuck and get out.

Ive spoken to Push already.
He got a REBUILT Ka for 200 dollars, thats an insane deal.
And your bitching about timing and a seal?
Trucky spent more than that on just gaskets and materials and shit.
Not to mention the machine shop work for the head.


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Post Enthusiast
Post Enthusiast

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PostSubject: Re: Push has a 240sx?!!?!?   November 11th 2008, 6:44 pm

Allison wrote:
Coach D*star wrote:
Allison wrote:
Ya, the red one has the cam timing way off and a variety of other issues. Sad
Timing being off is considered a bad engine?
You cant retime an engine?
Shut the fuck up.

Ive sold tons of high dollar shit to tons of people.
Never once had ONE bad experience.

Watch what you say if you dont know the deal.

Holy shit. Give me a break. It's not my car/problem and I don't care so don't ride my ass.

His buddy was nice enough to stay late and let them work on his car in his shop and now his patience is well worn, so no, there likely won't be any retiming of the engine or replacement of the main seal. I was just there to watch these guys work on his car all night only for them to get pissed off and give up. It was actually pretty funny. Very Happy

Quote :
Booo for misinfomation!!!!
What exactly is misinformed? Would you like pictures?

I guess I'm going out there Saturday to help fix it.
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Push has a 240sx?!!?!?
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