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 My kick ass drifting saturday *pics and vids

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PostSubject: My kick ass drifting saturday *pics and vids   September 30th 2006, 9:56 pm

So today as I had mentioned before, I said I was going drifting. I had a late start today as both my friends from Ft. Myers had a late start. The guys from Miami had already finished drifting at the go kart track when a cop showed up. He just said to take there buisness somewhere else. So we hit up another spot with them and the S2000 and RX-7 got some time in. We all hung out and had a great time doing some drifting. The Miami guys headed back around 6 ish and then Me, Josh, Randy and Ryan went back to the track till about 9:30.... then that was the end. I got crappy video and some pictures. Im waiting for the guys on to get there better video uploaded.

group shot

torn up 240sx tire

Ryan drifting

Randy Drifting

Randy and Ryan Drifting angle...check the body roll

We set up tires in the middle and I stood on them while Randy drifted around me.

Josh running up to Randy while hes going around me

Randy goin round

Me in middle

I was standing on top of 3 tires and we told Randy to get as close as he possibly could to me, I think he did pretty damn good

and then I got one pic of Josh in the S13 but no later

Tow hook FTW!

and the only good picture that turned out at the track since it was so late

Here is my 2 videos that I think were the best...Crappy quality though

Randy's Crazy 35-40 mph Entry

Me In Ryans Car
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PostSubject: Re: My kick ass drifting saturday *pics and vids   October 1st 2006, 8:21 pm

Not bad. I would have looked sooner but dial up is teh sux.
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My kick ass drifting saturday *pics and vids
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